4 Unconventional Strategies For Creating An Irresistible Offer

Whether you’re trying to sell a one-day program or a high-touch yearlong mastermind, creating an offer that flies off of the (virtual) shelves is both an art and a science. It’s an art in terms of the actual offer that you’re crafting. It’s a science, or rather social science, because its sale has to take into account consumer psychology, behavioral dynamics and relationship building. 

Prerna and Mayank Malik are the founders of Content Bistro, a multi-six figure business which specializes in conversion copywriting services. They specialize in creating copy that focuses on the social science of selling. Here are their four tactics for creating an offer that’s irresistible to your customers.

1. Offer Payment Plans Without Interest

“This one has been a game-changer for us. Conventional marketing has always leaned on charging “extra” for payment plans. But the truth is that people love not getting hit with an interest payment and not having to pay in full immediately,” says Malik.

“When we started offering high-touch, conversion copywriting packages that ranged between $10K – $15K, we decided to offer interest-free, milestone-based payments. This meant we’d still get paid well before the project was over, but our clients didn’t have to fork out $15K (or more, with interest) for a copywriting project in one go. 

“We do sweeten the deal for our pay-in-full participants with exclusive bonuses, but with no cuts in cost. That way it’s a win-win for everyone. When you make it easy for people to pay you, the chances that they’ll end up working with you increase!”


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2. Have A Wide Fulfillment Window

“Ever hear, ‘I love this but it’s not the right time for me,’ from a client? One of our clients who builds websites came up against that objection often. Potential clients told her they needed a new site but didn’t have the copy or the photos ready just yet. We recommended that she offer a 3-month fulfillment window for her services to demolish that objection and conversions went through the roof,” explains Malik.

“You can do the same whether you offer coaching calls or done-for-you services. Give people the option to book you now and use the services in the next 3 months or 6 months. When they’re ready to get started, all they need to do is let you know 4-6 weeks ahead of time. This allows you to plan your project schedule and gives prospects zero reasons to say ‘Not right now.’”

3. Create Personal Videos And Voice Messages

“’Connections lead to conversions’ has been our mantra since we started Content Bistro. In an online environment that feels increasingly fragmented, automated, and disconnected, we continue to lean heavily on using the personal touch of audio and video in our prospecting. Yes, we’ve got all the fancy sales automation tools in the bag but when we use personal voice and video messages the conversions for both online programs and copywriting services skyrocket to over 50%.

“All it takes is a focused 20-30 minutes a day and your smartphone. Programs like Loom, Bonjoro, and BombBomb make it ridiculously easy and fun to send video messages. You’ll forge genuine connections and see a solid uptick in conversions,” notes Malik.

4. Design A “Deconstructed Offer”

“When creating offers for your services and programs, it is easy to go down the shiny-object rabbit hole and want that slick sales page with cool GIFs and branded photos. But in our experience, overcomplicating a sales page is the number one reason a client’s offer doesn’t see the light of day. That’s why we created what we call the “deconstructed offer” where a simple Google doc becomes your sales page. Deconstructed offers have four sections: 

What Is This Offer?:  This is the core outcome of the offer and who it is for.

What Do They Get?: Focus on tangible benefits instead of generic features! For instance, for our Excitingly Evergreen copywriting package, we highlighted the purpose of each email included in the package so prospects could see exactly why they needed it.

Who Are You and Why Should They Care?:  This is your brief bio section loaded with markers for your credibility and expertise. Pop in a photo and a few testimonials as well.

What Do They Need to Know Before Signing Up?: These will be the boundaries around your offer: timelines, logistics, scope recap, payment terms, and what they need to do to sign up.  

“One of our clients used this Google doc method to launch and sell-out voice coaching sessions priced at $997. He closed 11 spots in a matter of days—not weeks—without a giant-sized email list,” tells Malik.

“The deconstructed offer is a great way to validate a new-to-market offer with the least amount of resistance. Plus, because of the bare-bones Google doc design, your prospects can hone in on the actual details of what they’ll get which allows them to make fast decisions with very little friction.”

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