Why Every Entrepreneur Should Consider Self-Publishing

It is common practice for brands and entrepreneurs to repurpose content across all channels. A video posted on YouTube, for instance, can be easily reformatted and shared via blog posts, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. There’s one platform, however, that is often overlooked — Amazon’s Kindle Store. 

Amazon Kindle is the most widely used e-reader device, owning more than 70% of the eBook market. In contrast to the platforms mentioned above, used primarily for connection and entertainment, visitors to Amazon’s Kindle Store are actively seeking to make a purchase. This makes Amazon the prime location to repackage and promote your specific expertise or message.

By writing a book, you can grow your brand, establish a new passive income stream and generate warm leads on autopilot. Further, by self-publishing you retain editorial control, a larger cut of the profits and print on your own timeline. 

If you want to gain credibility and exposure online, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to self-publish a book, especially when you’ve most likely already created enough content to fill one. 

Jen Ruiz, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, is a four-time Amazon bestseller and the founder of People of Puerto Rico, a nonprofit organization that helps local residents establish online income streams. Here are three reasons Jen says you need to self-publish.


The Future Is Digital 

While bookstore sales have plummeted during the pandemic, eBook sales are soaring. Part of the allure of a traditional publishing company is that they promise distribution and live events like book signings.

“Too many entrepreneurs hold the misconception that to feel like a ‘real’ author, they need to see their name on a store shelf and embark on a brick and mortar book tour to sign boxes of copies for adoring fans,” says Ruiz. “In fact, the only metric of success that matters for authors is book sales. Thankfully, if there’s one thing entrepreneurs know it’s how to market. Coupled with an existing email list and client base, these are the makings of an instant bestseller.” 

Self-Publishing Has A Higher Payout 

“Publishing houses will rarely go the extra mile to publicize a book unless it’s for a celebrity or client who received a significant advance,” notes Ruiz. “An author’s success typically comes from their own platforms, which is why literary agents look for authors who already have an established following before extending an offer of representation. 

“By self-publishing you ensure you get a royalty check, the official payment for creative work, that is commensurate to the marketing effort you will need to expend to see true success. In contrast to traditional publishing deals that offer authors 10%-20% on average, Amazon pays up to 70% royalty for eBooks priced between $2.99 and $9.99.” 

Self-Publishing Generates Warm Leads 

“One underrated feature of the Amazon Kindle store is the ability to access a free preview of eBooks with hyperlinks. Authors who are wise to this include a link to their website and an incentive to click, like a free download or gift, in the first few pages,” explains Ruiz. “Done right, Amazon acts as your personal lead magnet to grow your audience. Regardless of whether the reader ultimately purchases your book, they’ve shown an interest in a niche topic and can be redirected to your site, mailing list or sales funnel. 

“Through the Kindle store, you attract a global customer base that might never have found you otherwise, simply by being present on the platform. Even better? You don’t have to pay for the exposure and earn money in the process.” 

Notably, Amazon is not the only ePublishing platform. Authors can also list their books for sale on Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble, although there are certain benefits to publishing exclusively with Amazon. Regardless of the platform, the digital book market is booming. Every day you remain unpublished is a day you’re losing revenue and customers to a less knowledgeable competitor.

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