For more entrepreneurial children and adolescents: Everything ready for the International BusinessKids Congress

November 17, 2020 5 min read

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Of the most important skills that entrepreneurs have, the resilience to overcome failures and withstand adverse situations stands out. Achieving this requires being emotionally strong and having solid self-esteem. It is precisely what Businesskids seeks to strengthen among children and adolescents, a concept of entrepreneurial development for minors.

The methodology has been taught since 2009 through courses that seek to sow the seed that will generate long-term honest entrepreneurs committed to the social development of Mexico and the 15 countries that have joined this proposal with the help of this franchise. Mexican.

Every year BusinessKids holds an international congress with activities that help children and adolescents to live real experiences that link them with the business world, all from a playful methodology. Due to the pandemic, this edition, which will be the sixth, will be held virtually.

Mary Carmen Cabrera, creator and CEO of BusinessKids, considers this an opportunity: “this increases the possibilities of meeting and exchanging ideas with other entrepreneurial children from other corners of the world, at the same time that business ties are developed and motivated to continue with their business ”.

The sixth edition of the International BusinessKids Congress will be held from November 19 to 22 in virtual manrea. This occasion will feature a presentation by Alexander Osterwalder, creator of the Canvas business model, in addition to the participation of various personalities from the business world such as Mexican jeweler and designer, Daniel Espinosa; “El Tío Pepe”, from the Farm of Tío Pepe; Alejandro Villanueva, director of Fundación Televisa, among others.

Learn by doing

Although he has already worked with some entrepreneurial children, this will be the first time that Alexander Osterwalder will be able to have an approach with children and adolescents who have learned under a methodology based on practice and who also have real business experiences, regarding what he stressed “it is essential to survive in the business world.”

“I have always considered that entrepreneurship is not learned only by reading books, I have always compared it with doctors, although they learn concepts from books, true learning occurs in the practice they do every day, it is the same with business, the best way to learn is to put all the concepts into practice, as many times as necessary ”, explained Osterwalder during the presentation of the Congress.

Alex Osterwalder during the presentation of the International Businesskids Congress.

The Swiss business theorist made it clear that regardless of whether it is a lemonade stand or a large company, “all businesses have the same nine components in their business model.” In addition, he highlighted the importance of working on the canvas of the value proposition of the products and services that you want to offer to customers to really create a business.

Failure is good

Osterwalder considers that being able to fail, rise up and change is the greatest skill of any entrepreneur. “Failure is good,” he assured. “You have to understand that failure is fascinating, if you don’t create value for customers, you’re not doing it right.”

Therefore, he said: “You have to build that self-esteem and be proud of the mistakes you make, the ones you learned from and the last thing you should do is fall in love with the idea. Rather, you have to test your idea over and over until it works, ”insisted the business model specialist.

He added that children don’t care so much about failure when, however, when you enter adolescence you want to be perfect, but like a baby, entrepreneurs spend their time making mistakes in the beginning. “You have to see what you put on the next block, you have to adapt quickly and understand what does not work with that speed of a baby.”

“If they didn’t make mistakes, I didn’t believe their ideas, I would say you haven’t tried. You better fail to adapt your idea. The more you fail the more you will learn. You should feel proud of all your failures, but you should not see it as an objective, success is the result of hundreds of failures, it is successful after trying many times and it is something to change your [business] idea. It is important to adapt in the learning, ”Osterwalder insisted.

Opportunities within the crisis

Osterwalder and Cabrera, emphasized the importance of learning from failures and knowing how to stay within the tide that the market sometimes presents, taking as an example the atypical year that Mexico and the world have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. . Although confinement has been terrible for many businesses, it has also been taken advantage of by many entrepreneurs and businessmen who have found important opportunities or who have known how to evolve their businesses to withstand the crisis.

Photo: BusinessKids

Pet parade and virtual fair

In addition to the presentations with experts and entrepreneurs, during the International BusinessKids Congress children will be able to present their pets in the Pet Parade Online; They will have great fun with the theme parties and, of course, The Virtual Fair, through, in which all children and young people will be able to sell their products, which will be available in the BusinessKids Marketplace until early 2021.

Win a ticket to Congress

Visit the International BusinessKids Congress page to learn about other activities and speakers.

Entrepreneur will give away three tickets to the International BusinessKids Congress. They will be for three children who share their business idea and the reasons why they want to attend the event. Follow the Entrepreneur in Spanish account on Instagram and tag yourself with the hashtag #BusinesskidsEntrepreneur. The top three posts will win an entry. You have to participate until this Wednesday the 18th at noon.

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