How Do You Build an Affiliate Website?

First, let’s define affiliate web site – For our purpose, it is a web site that earns you money without physically selling something by using techniques such as Google Adsense and other advertiser programs.

Valid web sites.

I have heard it said that anyone can build a web site and this is true. Programs like FrontPage are ideal for building affiliate web sites. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the web site builder gets carried away and attempts to put every whistle and bell into the site! Affiliate web sites should be clean valid code and not overly cluttered with eye candy. By default clean code equals faster loading pages and better search engine optimization. Always try and code your sites to be valid web sites.

Using tables in your web site design

Tables have for a long time been the only way to position your content on your web page, however, the introduction of CSS and particularly CSS2/3 allows the designer to build sites without using tables! However, the use of tables in web site design is still valid so go ahead and use them.

Page layout

There seem to be 2 types of affiliate web site design logic. On the one hand, you have the work from home affiliate webmaster who is happy to have a sloppy looking site that just has ads bursting out all over the place and the other who still working from home builds a slightly sticky web site. The preference here is to build a sticky web site. Why? Well, one of its good manners! If you want someone to look at your web site, you have to give them a purpose to do so! Secondly, your user will take a while longer on your sticky site which increases the chance of them clicking on one of your ads which makes you money! And finally, a sticky web site with good content may even entice your viewer back for a second or third time. With a sloppy looking web site, the user will immediately see ads above the fold and will recognize the site as ‘spam’ type of site – a web site that lacks content and only there to get you to click on an ad. Which type of affiliate web site user are you?


Design your affiliate web site to be attractive but not overbearing. The user is there for information. Whilst looking for that information on your web site, your design will attract them to your adverts Graphical use should be kept to a minimum and always use the alt tags to your advantage. Links should be in text format and providing a site map is said to help with SEO. How many pages you have is debatable but 20 to 50 pages would be the minimum starting point – note I said starting point! Your affiliate web site will need to grow in size so be prepared to add additional web pages to your web site, if you made a plan of your web site before starting out, you will understand the web site structure and ad additional pages quite easily.

Running your affiliate web site business from home

Work from home and make money from your affiliate web site, should not be taken literally! A work from home affiliate can make money but do not give up the day job. Currently, we are testing various methods of how to make money from home using a web site. It is very early days but an income is being generated, don’t be fooled, the income has yet to reach a $ a day but I can tell you that you can build a web site and make money!

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